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SPECIAL EVENT: 'Word Weathers'

Durational Writing Performance: Livestream (live on Tuesday 21 June 2022 / available to watch)
Te Tuhi, Worldwide (online)

About this special event

Join this livestreamed durational writing event with artists and writers across the globe as they write, read, image, sound, respond and perform a continuous planetary dawn text – reflecting on a biosphere in crisis.


Word Weathers is an interactive durational writing performance that considers the radical nature of now-ness as a temporal state of atmospheric contingency bound by location, observation and critical reflection on the state of a biosphere in crisis. In an attenuated planetary dawn starting on the shortest day in the Southern hemisphere in Aotearoa New Zealand and extending to the longest day in the Northern Summer, on 21 June 2022 – the Winter/Summer solstice – we collaborate, write, read, image, sound, respond, edit, augment and supplement a single continuous text and mark-making performance visible to all event participants.

This online performance writing exchange will include over thirty artist-writers situated around the globe to participate as guests to watch and record their weather at the time of their dawn. Our collective efforts will be to become weather: to mark the moment of transition from navigational, geographical and meteorological thought and the emergence of an extended dawn around the globe.

Julieanna Preston assembled an original group of five artistic researchers to develop the first collaborative, online, writing performance of Word Weathers in 2021. This core group have established practices in live art, sound art, installations and performative writing. They are drawn together by various expertise on weather, climate change and noticing as topics and processes at the forefront of contemporary thought and action. They share a curiosity around the spatiality of language and its material constitution to do more than represent.

Host Artist-Writers:

Andy Lock

Andy Lock is an artist, researcher, and educator. His work utilises the spoken-word, installation, photography, performance and situated writing to create speculative spaces which explore the experience of inhabiting sites and disclosing the presences repressed or denied therein. Andy’s work has been exhibited internationally and published in several collections.

Julieanna Preston

Julieanna Preston speculates on the vitality of materials through durational site-situated live art, installations, videos, and performance writing. Recent works include breath-taking (2019, Denmark), RPM Hums (2018, NZ), Being Under Symphony (2019, USA), “You are embued with tolerance…” (2019, Architecture & Culture), “Road Care” (Jen Archer-Martin, 2020, Performance Care), “motor-mouthing” (2020, Voice and New Materialism), HARK (2021, Wellington).

Layne Waerea

Layne Waerea (Ngāti Wāhiao, Ngāti Kahungunu, Pākehā) is an artist and educator interested in site-specific, socio-legal performance to video and photograph, and related performance writing and presentation. Recent work includes Māori Love Hotel (2020, Auckland), But what if someone wanted to sue a river? (2019, panel presentation AAANZ) and an ongoing participatory project – the chasing fog club (Est. 2014).

Mick Douglas

Mick Douglas is an artist and academic working across performance, art, social practice, and performative writing. Recent work includes performance installations at MONA and The Performance Arcade Wellington, establishing ‘untitled station’ – a residential arts research place in the Australian Wimmera, and writings in journals Performance Research and JAR.

Participating Weather Artist-Writers:

Tru Paraha (Tāmaki Makaurau Auckland)

Ana Iti (Ōtautahi Christchurch)

Azza Zein (Melbourne)

Jordan Lacey (Melbourne)

Melody Woodnutt (Melbourne)

Jo Pollitt (Boorloo/Perth)

Moza Almatrooshi (Sharjah)

Sree (Abu Dhabi)

Alina Tiphagne (New Delhi)

Indrajan Banerjee (New Delhi)

Muay Parivudhiphongs (Bangkok)

Sans Soleil (Lima)

Anna Kazumi-Stahl (Buenos Aires)

Felipe Cervera (Singapore)

Mary Ann Josette Pernia (Mandaluyong City, Metro Manila)

Ysabelle Cheung (Hong Kong)

Yang Yeung (Hong Kong)

Peter Goche (Ames)

Klara du Plessis (Montreal)

Việt Lê (San Francisco)

Emma Telaro (Montreal)

Anthony Koyter and Ginny Yu Jiaqian (Vienna)

Molly Samsell (Sante Fe)

Iwonka Piotrowska (Long Island)

Lin Snelling (Toronto)

Janine Eisenächer (Berlin)

Katja Hilevaara (London)

A. Skantze (Italy)

Daphne Dragona (Athens)

Kris Pint (Diest)

Maria Gil Ulldemolins (Brussels)

Emma Cocker (Sheffield)

Polly Gould (Newcastle)

Felicia Konrad (Mälmo)

Paula Toppila (Helsinki)

Participating weather stations: 

Art Jameel (Dubai)

IHME (Finland)

KHŌJ (New Delhi)

Museo de Arte de Lima (Lima)

Museum of Contemporary Art and Design (MCAD), Manila


Commissioned by Te Tuhi

Curated by Janine Randerson

Supported by Massey University College of Creative Arts and Creative New Zealand.



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