Enoura Observatory


Network partner Odawara Art Foundation reconsider history through the art of all genres from the Sugimoto Collection, sets Enoura Observatory as a weather station measuring time and the changing of the seasons.




About this weather station

“The heavens and earth; the moon and tides; the weather and seasons; all these elements inextricably connected. At Enoura Observatory, I have created the apparatus for us now to relive the experience of early humans as they first searched for meaning and their place in the universe. The winter solstice is the day with the shortest period of daylight of the entire year. Ancient cultures around the world celebrated the winter solstice as a turning point in the cycle of death and rebirth. The summer solstice, the longest day of the year, when the pendulum of the seasons swings back again. I believe that if we return to ancient habits of observing the heavens, we will find inklings that point to our future.”

—Hiroshi Sugimoto 

The rising and setting of the sun is the baseline for measuring time and the changing of the seasons. It is unaffected by the weather and occurs whether or not the sun is obscured by the clouds. The sunrise on the summer and winter solstices will be the constant in Hiroshi Sugimoto’s project for the World Weather Network in 2022.

On June 21 and December 22, the sunrise at Enoura Observatory will be live-streamed, with photographic and film works created by Sugimoto at the Observatory shared via the World Weather Network across the year.

Commissioned by Odawara Art Foundation for World Weather Network.


Odawara Art Foundation was formed to reconsider history, through both classical and contemporary theatre, exhibitions from the Sugimoto Collection and other resources, and by carrying out research into art of all genres and periods, from prehistory to contemporary, from architecture to performance art. 

By promoting the spread of Japanese culture through performances, exhibitions, and research, Odawara Art Foundation offers a chance to look again at how humans and nature interact. The world was once steeped in mystery, but now with our access to so much knowledge, human awareness seeks new horizons.









1. 古典演劇から現代演劇までの企画・制作・公演およびその支援による普及振興

2. 杉本コレクションを核とした美術品等の保存及び展示活動

3. 古代から現代にいたるまでの幅広い芸術文化に関する調査・研究




Weather Reports


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'Sunrise: Summer Solstice at Enoura Observatory'

Hiroshi Sugimoto

21 June 2022

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'Sunrise: Winter Solstice at Enoura Observatory'

Hiroshi Sugimoto

Live at 06:00 JST (UTC +9) on Wednesday 21 December / 21:00 GMT (UTC +0) on Tuesday 20 December 2022



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